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Last Updated: November 8, 2001

@ Photography - Additions

*We have just added photos of Kabul.
We have added new pictures taken in 2000.
*We have just added some photos by Richard Ellis.

@ Culture - New Information

*New photos in Badakhshan, Mazar, Ghor section.
"Afghan Community In Guyana - information & map
*Anglo-Afghan Wars -
added new information and new pictures
*Ghazni -
added new information and new pictures
*UN Resolutions 1193, 1214, 1333:
Full Official Documents Are Available.
*Gems Of Afghanistan:
A new article about Lapis Lazuli and the Kooh-i-Noor.
*Searching For Peace, Sad Afghan:
New poems added in the visitor section.
*Costumes Of Afghanistan:
Added Information and Pictures.
*Bamiyan, Gandhara Art, Anglo-Afghan Wars, Kabul, Mazar: Added Information and Pictures.
*Stamps Of Afghanistan: A small sample of stamps from Afghanistan during 19th and 20th centuries.*Ancient Afghanistan: We have added a new picture of a miniature found in Afghanistan from ancient times.
*Ghor: The photo of the Minaret Jam has been added to the collection.
*Musical Instruments: This section has information and pictures regarding traditional afghan musical instruments.
*Afghan Treaties: Information about Treaties of 1905, 1919, 1921 and the Afghan-Russian Treaty.
*UN Resolution 1267: Information and transcripts of the UN Sanctions on Afghanistan.

@ Afghan Network Store - New

*This is a new section, the store will feature a variety of the products.

@ VIP  - Improvements

*We have redesigned the VIP section. 

@ Rulers - Additions

*Wazir Akbar Khan, Kushan Dynasty, King Kanishka, Sultan Mahmud Of Ghazni.

@ Afghan Student Connection - Additions & Improvements

*A complete overhaul of the Student section is near completion, making it the largest Afghan Student info website.

@ Maps - Improvements and Additions

* We have added two new maps to the Map section.
* The Maps section has a new feature. We have added a secure server for purchases of Afghan Maps.

@ Afghan News Channel - Redesign

* The News Channel has been completely redesigned for design convenience and quicker navigation.

@ Afghan Music Channel - Updates & Improvements

Detailed Exclusive Biographies of Afghan Artists and Afghan Concert Listings.
* The Channel has gone through an extensive redesign and with all new features, including MP3 music.

@ Afghan Cooking Channel - NEW

* This new section will include recipes, information and much more including a built-in Cooking Bookshop.

@ Afghan Network Mail (Your-name@afghan-network.net)

* Our Newest Feature. Now you can have an web-based email address from the most well-known Afghan website.

@ Afghan Network Search

*The website is now enabled with a search engine and visitors can quickly search for a specific topic on our site

@ Books

*This section offers a comprehensive list of Books on Afghanistan.

@ Our Mission Statement

*Explains the History and Direction of this Website.

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